Jul 17, 2012

M. Hatcher Norris Successfully Defends Gulford Therapist

M. H. "Reese" Norris pleased with outcome; "I had a marvelous jury and I think they made the only decision that could have been made with all the evidence that came out of the trial."

In New Haven, a jury acquitted a Guilford therapist Monday of two counts of sexually assaulting a patient, but the man's wife is now being investigated for allegedly taking photos through courtroom door windows.

After about 2½ hours of deliberation, the six regular members of the eight-member jury found Alan Shulik, 60, of Guilford, not guilty of second-degree sexual assault. The criminal trial began July 10.

As for the defendant’s wife allegedly peeking through courtroom door windows last week and taking pictures with a cell phone, Judge Jon C. Blue told jurors they may be contacted by “police or an investigator” about what they saw.

“I saw the defendant’s wife through the windows in the courtroom door quite close to the windows, but I was occupied” with note taking and overseeing the trial, Blue said Monday afternoon.

Blue described the matter as “a very, very serious situation” and said it will be investigated by another state’s attorney not located in New Haven, since some court personnel in New Haven Superior Court may be needed as witnesses.

Jury acquits Guilford therapist of sexually assaulting patient; wife now investigated over alleged courtroom photos