Sep 9, 2010

M. Hatcher Norris, Henry Lee, Review Kleen Energy Evidence

Norris, along with experts, including forensic scientist Henry Lee, studied evidence stored by Middletown police at a warehouse.

Lawyer M. Hatcher Norris of Hartford, who represents Chepulis' family, joined other two firms in an unusual collaboration that made use of visits to the ravaged, debris-strewn site after the blast, analyses by experts and a study of a hand-held gas meter that was recovered from the site and taken apart by the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, D.C.

Norris, along with experts, including forensic scientist Henry Lee, also studied evidence stored by Middletown police at a warehouse, including a large defroster on wheels used to thaw construction sites, one of several pieces of equipment left running during the gas blow.

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